#104S - Ankle Dorsiflexion Assist (DFA) System - Sleep Model

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#104S - Ankle Dorsiflexion Assist (DFA) System - Sleep Model. Shoe sizes Infant 2 thru Toddler 6 • Foot length 9.5 cm - 13 cm • 3.75” - 5”

System includes:

  • Midfoot Joint Support Split Strap – Provide the midtarsal joint support that is essential to foot deformity management – PLUS the comfort that is essential to sleep.
  • Supination or Pronation Support - Bias the foot position in favor of preferred alignment.
  • Forefoot DF Strap - Add gentle, adjustable elongation to the calf musculature.
  • 5-pronged DF Split Strap - Add midfoot stabilization and gentle elongation to the calf, toe flexors, and plantar fascia with a cozy, adjustable wrap.