#314G - Ankle Dorsiflexion Assist (DFA) System - Gait Model

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#314G - Ankle Dorsiflexion Assist (DFA) System - Gait Model. Shoe size Girls & Boys 3 thru 6

Gait Trainer System benefits include:

  • Simplicity – Easy to apply in minutes!
  • Support (don’t supplant) – dynamic ankle motion -  Use the dynamic Gait Trainer to help the user experience improved ankle motion in gait without "taking over” for the DF musculature.
  • Extra clinical hands – Provide hands-free DF support and foot clearance while training your clients on treadmills – with or without partial un-weighting.
  • Keep up with changes - Fine-tune the DF-assist torque to accommodate changes in ankle function over time – just by moving or removing a strap!
  • Preview orthotic design – Evaluate the effectiveness of an articulated free ankle with DF-assist joints for your patient before you design, prescribe, or fabricate custom orthoses.